4- 15 February: Follow our Art & Design group competing in Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan:

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Melting hallway

The arriving summer bird

"Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn" - Main Hall "Secret Garden" by AnnaSofia Mååg and Alessandro Falca. #art #unicorn #icehotel #sculptures #flowers

Flowers! They keep intact while frozen, but as soon they meet the heat again, they will wither away. #icehotel #flowerart #art #flower #lifeinswedishlapland

Let's go inside - we have something beautiful to show you!

This is how it looks at the staff's parking lot - more snowmobiles than cars :-)

22dec. Darkest day of the year!

Mr Zoolander would have liked it here. Blue steel the #icehotel way! Pic from art suite Narcissus made by Nina and Magnus Hedman

Opening weekend turned out to be a cold one, with temperatures below -35c. But that did not stop Luc Voisin, who builds art suite Up There with colleague Mathieu Brison. Ice everywhere! #icehotel #icehotelsweden #art #design

Tummen - one of our acitivity guides - is making morning coffee to the staff. It's cool at the office!

Yesterday we won the TRIP Global Award for best travel experience in Sweden. Global travel agents and swedosh tourists voted us the no 1 experience. Thanks a million all of you who voted!