4- 15 February: Follow our Art & Design group competing in Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan:

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Lights over the icehotel! These last couple of nights the northern light have been amazing! #northernlight #auroraborealis Picture taken by Anna Edström

One of our activities, snowmobile safari. This picture is taken on the Torne river. #snowmobile #torneriver

"Pure Torne River Ice" #Torne #Ice #ICEHOTEL

In the ICEHOTEL restaurant we also serve amazing cocktails. This one: "Polar night" ~ Blueberry ginger ice cube with sparkling wine is one of our favourite.

The pillar hall #Icehotel #Icelebrate

Bleak roe with potato rosti & the classic trimmings (red onion and dill) served on ice from the Torne river. #icehotel #icehotelrestaurant #icelebrate

The Magnettes playing live at ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi

Art Suite: Time Piece by Emma Curdén, Theodor Fahlén & Gabriella Bulin

Looking down on you - Synstrålar by Lena Kriström & Nina Hedman

Do come join us for cool drinks down at the ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL #icebar #icehotel #icehotelsweden #nofilter

Aaand We're open! Art Suite Borderland by Tomasz Czajkowski & Eryk Marks

10 days to go! Will we make it in time? 😉 #icehotelsweden #icelebrate #jukkasjärvi